Holistic Goal Formation is a process used to work with organizations or groups to help them develop a holistic goal or a ‘guiding star’ for their work and a vision of where they want to go.It is a process that works well alongside a permaculture design process incorporating a land use design, but that can equally be used to just form a vision for any organization, community project or group. It is a visionary process creating a guiding star for the work of the group, starting by  looking at the resources, social and ecological, it has available, what is important for their quality of life, and finally what the vision is for the future.

The beauty of the Holistic Goal Formation process is that it pulls out the shared ethics of the group through the ‘quality of life’ exercise which gives the group a shared understanding of what is important to them. It also allows the group to create a vision for their work, asking questions such as “how do we need to be as a group in order to keep having the support of the community around us? “

The aim of the process is to create a vision, a guiding star, that can guide the work of the group or organization. It is something that is flexible and that the group can keep going back to and keep adapting as needed.


2 Responses to “(W)holistic Goal Formation”

  1. Joy Harrow Says:

    Hi… I am trying to get hold of the Holistic Goal Formation process… is it possible through you? many thanks and I love the work you do!

    1. elinita77 Says:

      Hi Joy, I have just sent you an email with the HGF attached, do get in touch with me for more explanation!


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