Transition Towns is a rapidly growing movement of people at the grassroots concerned about what is going on in the world, and convinced that we need to change the way we think and act profoundly if we want to survive as a species on this planet. Acting under the conviction that communities getting together and envisioning the kind of future they want to see is the only thing that is going to shift the status quo, Transition Towns have initiated many interesting projects around the country, from the Lewes pound, to schemes for encouraging people to grow more local food, energy descent action plans and more. The exciting aspect of Transition Towns is that it is encouraging people to realize the power of community. The interesting thing that comes out of that is often how much we in the individualized West have got to learn in terms of living, being and working in community. Some Transition Towns initiative’s have been hugely successful, others are struggling with maintaining the vision of working together for a greater aim, loosing themselves in power struggles. Nevertheless, Transition Towns growth during the last few years is astounding and a testament to dedicated individuals and communities.

I have been involved with the Brighton and Hove Transition Towns group, helping to design and deliver an introductory workshop that introduces people to the concepts and ideas that underpin the movement as well as encouraging them to envision the kind of community they want to see and to set out some basic simple steps they can take personally and as a community group in order to move towards their vision.

More information on Transition Town can be found here:

Transition Network– the National charity supporting local TT initiatives:

National Transition Towns Wiki

Brighton and Hove Transition Towns:

South East Transition Initiatives


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