Participatory Theater is based on the work of Agosto Boal in Brazil who wanted to develop a political and educational form of theater that would not only involve the audience in dialogue and debate but also allow them to embody issues they wanted to explore. Through improvisation participants develop little plays exploring issues or challenges they have encountered themselves. The very process of developing the plays can be enormously powerful  and often you find the person who has experienced being bullied taking the role of the bully and exploring how it feels to bully someone. The play is then performed for an audience who is invited, after having seen it once, to interact and suggest alternative ways of dealing with situations. Rather than having the actors themselves trying out these different ways, the member of the audience comes up themselves and takes part in the play. The experience is dynamic and always full of surprises, as a facilitator you learn to navigate the unknown, providing enough space for issues to be explored and enough guidance to make the experience worthwhile.


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